Best Websites For Quality iPhone Wallpapers

Do you like to change to new and amazing wallpaper for your iPhone often. So where do you get the best wallpaper for your phone. Of course we have got some very good sources/ websites for the best wallpaper for smartphones and mobile phones. Here I have put together a list of the best websites where iPhone wallpapers are available for download.

The websites listed below contains wallpaper for iPhone available for free download. So lets have a look at some of the best websites for iPhone wallpaper.


Poolga is one of the best sites containing high quality artworks by professional graphic artists and can be downloaded for free iPhone wallpaper. Also Poolga artists are selected invitation only basis and they include the best artists. Poolga also includes wallpapers for iPad.

free wallpaper download poolga

iDesign iPhone

iDesign iPhone contains a huge collection of iPhone wallpaper for download in various categories like 3d, nature, architecture, girls, movies, comics and lots. The pictures are of high quality and amazing wallpapers.

free download wallpaper idesign


A great collection of wallpaper for free download in different resolutions. It has a nice collection of landscape photograph wallpapers.

free download wallpaper interfacelift


Typenuts contains type-themed iPhone & desktop wallpapers for free download.

iphone wallpaper free download typenuts

Sciphone (Mobile Site)

Sciphone which has a mobile site as well contains very beatiful wallpapers download for all mobile phones.

wallpaper download free

Icon Paper

A collection of some very good wallpaper from different sources on the web.

iPhone Wallpapers Flickr Group

iPhone Wallpapers Flickr Group contains thousands of wallpaper collection from more than 6,000 members of the group. Anyone can add wallpapers to the collection by joining the group.


This site has some good and unique wallpapers for iPhone in its collection. The wallpaper can be searched by categories and also by popularity or time.

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